Development Policies in the Plan

Mentions of development of new houses in Lytchett Matravers or indeed the surrounding area are always a hot topic for discussions when it comes to public opinions. Whilst the Neighbourhood Plan can’t specify ‘we do not want any more houses’ it can set out Development Management Policies (see Section 3) which allow the village to set out its preferences on the character and style of a new development, to identify and define critical elements of the specification of that new development and to set out how that development will be integrated into the village.

The following policies relating to development are set out in the Plan:

Policy 2

For all planning applications involving developments of two or more new dwellings (net) within the parish of Lytchett Matravers, the applicant is required to hold a public consultation open to all residents of the village.
Applicants should demonstrate how the proposal:

  • meets with the development principles, vision and objectives in this LMNP;
  • will contribute towards the provision of infrastructure and services to mitigate against the additional demands it will generate and over what period.

Proposals are unlikely to be supported if they cannot demonstrate that the above criteria have been met.

Policy 3

When applying for planning permission, new development proposals will be expected to:

  • Clearly identify the materials that will be used in the construction.
  • Preserve or enhance the appearance of village.
  • Adhere to the design principles set out in section 4.I.

Applicants should provide a written statement indicating how the above points have been considered and integrated into the design.

Policy 4

The creation of new internal roads should seek to introduce home zones, with shared spaces and strict speed limits.

New homes will be expected to provide a minimum of two car parking spaces per dwelling and within the parish a garage will not be accepted in lieu of a car parking space.